Estes Kennels

Conditions Of Sale / Health Gaurantee

We have taken many steps to ensure that your new puppy is happy and healthy. We take great pride in knowing that our puppies are going to good
homes. Your new puppy has been selectively bred for excellent quality, health, soundness, structure and good temperament. Our Rottweilers and Bernese Mountain dogs are well socialized with children and other animals.

The Seller warrants the puppy to be in good health at the time of sale and that the puppy has received all necessary age-appropriate vaccinations and
de-worming. Your puppy will be micro-chipped and health check by a licensed veterinarian. The puppy has also been examined by the Sellers licensed veterinarian and leaves Sellers possession with a good bill of health.

Seller requires Buyer(s) to have the new puppy be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of possession so there is no question as to the
health of the puppy. Any request to return the puppy to the Seller for a full refund must be made within this 72 hour time-period and may only be
requested should the puppy be found to be in poor health or have a health issue of such serious nature that the quality of life will be seriously
shortened or seriously altered. Minor health aliments including, but not limited to, fleas or stress-induced diarrhea due to puppies transition from Sellers home, etc. are not reason for puppy to be returned to Seller. Proof of examination and diagnosis by the Buyer(s) licensed veterinarian must be
provided to Seller and Seller’s Vet, should Buyer(s) wish to request returning puppy for a refund. The contract will be terminated immediately if
Buyer(s) does not have puppy examined within this allotted time frame of 72 hours from possession. (It is highly suggested that the Buyer(s) make an appointment with their veterinarian well in advance to ensure examination within this time frame). In any event, Seller is not responsible for any
veterinarian expenses.

Seller strongly suggests that Buyer(s) keep the puppy on a regular vaccination schedule.