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Bernese Mountain – Females


Ginger is a AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. She is the epitome of calm and gentleness. She has a serene presence that makes her a joy to be around, especially for kids and older people. Ginger loves the water and is always excited to go for a swim. Her friendly nature endears her to everyone she meets, and her intelligence shines through in everything she does. Whether she’s enjoying a quiet moment or splashing around in the water, Ginger’s calm and loving personality makes her the perfect companion for all.

Ginger 8 Weeks
Ginger 4/2020

Princess Poppy

Poppy is fully AKC registered. Poppy is the epitome of joy and energy. With her spunky personality, she effortlessly becomes the life of the party wherever she goes. Despite her lively spirit, Poppy has a soft side that loves to cuddle, making her the perfect companion for both fun adventures and cozy evenings at home. Whether she’s playing in the yard or snuggling upon the couch, Poppy brings endless happiness and warmth to everyone around her.

Sugar Lilly

Lilly is fully AKC registered. She is a true adventurer at heart. With her active and loving nature, she’s always ready for the next big adventure, especially if it involves playing in the water. She loves to give hugs, showing her affectionate side to everyone she meets. Lilly’s loyalty is unmatched-she faithfully lays by my bed all night, offering her unwavering companionship. Whether we’re exploring the great outdoors or simply enjoying some downtime at home, Lilly’s boundless energy and love make every moment special.

Feb 2022
Lilly at 3 months old

Emma – Retired Female

Emma is a truly gentle soul.  She is a fully AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog.

Emma 8 weeks old
Emma 4/2020