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Bernese Mountain – Males

Kuma – Stud

Kuma is a bundle of love and energy. With his lean build, he loves nothing more than running around and staying active. He has the sweetest personality and enjoys giving hugs to everyone he meets. Kuma’s affectionate nature shines through when he leans into you, seeking pets and affection. His loving and gentle demeanor makes him a delightful companion, always ready to share his warmth and joy with those around him.

Stud services available

Kuma at 3 months

King Arthur – Stud

Arthur is a gentle giant who embodies the spirit of a big bear. He’s larger than average for his breed, with a presence that commands attention wherever he goes. Arthur’s excitement knows no bounds—he loves to jump around joyfully when he’s happy, unable to contain his exuberance. Despite his size, Arthur is incredibly loving and gentle, showing his affection with a calm and caring demeanor. His big heart matches his big stature, making him a beloved member of the family who brings immense joy to everyone around him.

Stud services available.

Arthur at 11 weeks
7 Weeks old